related to this how is the aft hatch/ locker/ bouyancy tank on a wood boat sealed? My boat, an elderly exmaple from 1964, came with two perished lengths of shock cord tied to a couple of stainless hoops and tied down through a hole drilled in the spine of the hull. useless; So I used some claw fasteners on the front but what about the back? I screwed a piece of timber to the underside of the lip of the cover so that it grips under the hatch opening; less than ideal. I sealed with expanding foam seal which would be ok but I’m now going to have to rebuild the wooden hatch cover anyway as the ply has split so I want to do an effective and watertight job. I’d be grateful if someone could send me ideas or photos of how they achieve a decent watertight seal.

many thanks

Graham Smout W918 💡