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Colin Parkstone

David, i do it a bit differently,

I like the crew who is on the smaller side to have control of the guy when the spi is hoisted and as the wind goes up the more the better.

We pull some of the guy forward when on the approach to the buoy, and if room and time put the pole out with guy clipped in.

Then as the spi is hoisted the crew pulls the spi tack to the pole end through the cleat to the reach or run position.

Then the sheet is pulled in by me or crew if the wind is high.

the thinking is this, I am the weight in the boat so do not want to be away from the gunwhale to long, the guy needs to be under control in the high winds I tend to carry the spi and only pull the sheet in when ready to do so. (High winds that is)

The spi is up safely, it can sit and flog as long as you like and it does not pull you over when hoisting.

In light winds with the spi to leeward I do cleat the sheet when its in its stowed position and as we hoist as above and the tack is pulled to the pole end the sail fills and pulls me away from the rest of the fleet ? 😉

C P 🙂