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We do not use the balls system, I’ll let someone else explain that.

I use a simple side entry clamcleat mounted on the side deck, just aft of the shroud. The spinnaker sheet/guy is marked with a felt tip (one could wip this for pemanancy) at the optimum reaching position with the pole just clear of the forestay.

So, assuming a bear away set to a reach (with spinnaker on leeward side), our procedure is: approaching the mark on starboard, cleat the guy with the mark at the cleat (this might have the effect of pulling the kite out of the bag slightly; round the mark – helm hoists while the crew attaches the pole to the guy in front of the cleat, then pushes the pole forward and clips it onto the mast ring; in meantime helm has taken kite sheet to stop it flapping around and twisting and once pole is clipped, sets kite and passes sheet to crew. Well that is the theory, but it is not always as simple as that, particularly in windier conditions where it is really important that the first action is to cleat the guy as described to stop the kite filling at the top of the mast and causing a capsize.