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Hi Algol.
From the PBO Small Boat Almanac 2010.
Major port Liverpool. Nearest secondary port Blackpool 5349N 0304W.
High Water. 0000 and 1200. -0010 0600 and 1800 0000.
Low Water. 0000 and 1200. -0010 0600 and 1800 -0200.
MHWS. -0.5 MHWN -0.5 MLWN -0.4 MLWS -0.1

Published by Arnold Laver.
Laver’s Liverpool and Irish Sea Tide Timetable.
It costs about £2, has about 20 pages, is available from most chandlers or direct from Laver and is the size of a small diary. HW Lytham is approx. -0010 Liverpool. Most people who sail the Irish sea carry Laver.

Good sailing in a difficult area. The latest Pilot mentions Liverpool, Preston and Fleetwood but nothing in between. It is similar to the Lincolnshire coast between Tetney and Wainfleet.