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@Swiebertje wrote:

A Tacktick Micro race compass as you call it, constantly compares the boats heading against a preset heading, detects changes in heading while on a beat and gives audible warnings when there is a header (or lull). AFAIK no ordinary magnetic compass do this. It involves computing and comparisons (a microprocessor is one of its components), in other words it is a (simple) sailing computer. Sailors using a magnetic compass can only detect a header on their compass by watching it all the time and see if the numbers change. This is a task the Tacktick micro performs for you, hence it is more then an ordinary compass. If the Tacktick Micro is not a sailing computer, then what is?

But as I stated before: Let’s allow it because it is already used for many years throughout the fleet. But it should stop here, let’s not allow more functions then a Tacktick Micro provides. If not, we will soon see big GPS based sailing computers, VHF’s to talk to the shore crew, weather receivers and what not. I don’t think we should want such “America’s cup” like developments. Such equipment is already available in packages small and light enough to fit in a Wayfarer.

I think that you might be confusing the Micro compass with the Racemaster. The Micro only gives a heading, no audible beeps apart from timer, it does have a tactic function, but that is really only a damper that only allows the reading to change after a preset shift (say 5 degree).

I agree that we should not allow any more complex electronics.