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Bob Harland

we continue to change headsails to suit the wind strength and all have wire luffs.
A rope luff will have too much stretch.
Rolling the genoa is the most difficult – and if conditions are testing we just bundle it away somewhere until things are settled. It is worth rolling the genoa whenever possible to keep the fabric in good condition as much as the luff wire.
I suspect a sail with a rope luff would be more difficult to roll neatly.

It is quite common to have the second sail tacked on and stowed on the foredeck. My own preference is to keep the foredeck clear and the spare sails stowed in the boat.
I think the most difficult part is hoisting the new sail and getting halyard tension on. Having the spare sail already on the foredeck does not help that.

Changing headsails is a job for the strongest member of the crew.

Hope that helps