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tempest51 wrote:
Interesting photo John,

Is there a budding artist in your midst that could prepare a line drawing of that cascade setup, as for dummies like me, I still have difficulty in seeing the detail?

Sorry, I am not good at drawing electronically and do not have a scanner at home. In the first picture ignore the blue and the pink lines (cunningham and clew outhall); you will see a series of three single Harken s/steel blocks. The first (furthest forward/left) has a strong hook attached to it and this is used to hook onto the end loop of the s/s wire halyard (halyard and mast foot not visible as they are not fitted at the moment). The first shortish length of dyneema is made off to the centreboard case at one end (drilled through + pink plastic ball under), the other end is attached to the second block. Second length of dyneema fixed to the underside of the case top a foot or so furthe back and its other end attached to the third block. The third length of dyneema (black and multicoloured) is fixed way back underneath the thwart to a D ring just visible in the second image, its other end is cleated ont he rear of the centreboard case – see second image. It could also be more simply cleated to the underside of the thwart.