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Thanks for the feedback on sponsorship, Colin. I will table a discussion on this at our next Worlds Sub-Committee Telephone conference in February.

I must admit that we have not put a lot of thought into the idea of individual boat sponsorship for the Worlds. I think, that, as matter of principle, it is a good idea.

Roy Burnham has been looking for event sponsorship and has made some progress as you will see from the logos on the Worlds website. Unfortunately so far, sponsorship is in in kind rather than hard cash (with the notable exception of the Hartleys) – but at least we will have plenty of prizes to give out.

We did agree that members would not take kindly to being asked to stick sponsors stickers on their boats (not that anyone has asked us to do so) so all owners of wooden boats can relax – you won’t be asked to stick a Hartleys logo onto your beautiful boat!

Best wishes