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I have never had any problems with many miles cruising with a short shaft seagull. Sea, Lake and River. There will be too much back pressure (exhaust) on a long shaft seagull and it probably won’t work very well. I once borrowed one and it didn’t. I don’t know about other engines

1) I’ve never had any problems with the weight in the aft locker and I keep petrol and tools there too. In any case if you sail with it on the transom “for safety” – its weight is even worse there!

2) I keep mine in a plywood box in the aft locker with the rest of the locker filled with polystyrene so hopefully I am not “doomed”. I could lose the locker hatch and still float.The locker is only open for a short while while I get it out/put it back in and I am careful

3) I sail mostly with mine in the locker. It is a sailing boat. I get the engine out if I need to get home and the wind dies. I have used it with the sails in strong winds to punch against the tide but either put it on early or heave to if necessary. Normally it is lack of wind that is the problem so I do not worry about capsize. It really isn’t so difficult to mount at sea. I’ve done it hundreds of times without mishap

Its an unecessay nuisance banging around on the back of the boat all the time and very vulnerable to banging or fouling with ropes. Its dry. All the oil petrol smells etc won’t get in your sandwiches, all over the dog/wife/concubine/children.
A bag is a solution if you worried about capsizing but I suspect it will get soaked with oil/petrol (seagulls are notoriously leaky). When I am cruising I have enough clutter in the boat but yes a bag is an optiion.NB If you go for my option don’t open the hatch with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth!!