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There is a lot that can be done at club level:
1) Display the Application Form on the Notice Board and have copies ready for owners to pick up.
2) If you can collect fees locally and sends details to Sarah , she will enroll and follow up (email addresses useful).
3) We are producing a poster to go to all clubs
4) Encourage people to use the Forum. It is packed with useful stuff.
5) Tell them how welcome they will be at UKWA events – training, cruising , racing.
6) Low cost entry to newcomers for the Worlds in weymouth next year, plus Gold, Silver, Bronze to give all levels a chance at the prizes.

The Dinghy Show stands were costing UKWA over £3000! Now we have an active builder who has built more than 100 boats in the last year, UKWA wish to support him and vv., so it makes good sense to share the facility which he finances. That way even us old woodies can see what success he is having with the new boats!