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Dave Bevan

@Colin Parkstone wrote:

Do I take it that the people who own older boats are feeling left out and are not rejoining the class?

Just speculating, Colin. In the past, we’ve had a stand alongside the builder, which fully reflects the diversity our boat offers. The welcome on the Hartley stand has always been warm, even when they aren’t going to make another sale (they’ve already had my money, and this is one very satisfied customer šŸ˜€ )

I appreciate that not having our own stand saves the association Ā£Ā£Ā£, and would we realise the cost in additional members – probably not.

As I say, just speculating!

Roy – Our club is typical in having many Wayfarers, but relatively few that belong to the Association. Is there anything I could do to push the benefits of the Association, like a club mailshot or similar?