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Colin Parkstone


Do I take it that the people who own older boats are feeling left out and are not rejoining the class?

I am very certain that all Wayfarer sailers are welcome to the stand,how can they not be with the smiling Sarah on it to welcome us.

I find that the stand covers all types of Wayfarer owners and Hartleys show us ALL the potential of the NEW boat.

This boat is the future sales and growth of the class, and as such,at the builder expense is taking a prominent place at the show’s.

When I look in the mag and on the web i see that the older boats are very much alive and in the forefront as much as any other part of the class.

Please dont feel left out and not be a member, the class is entering a new faze but it needs and wants all the existing owners along with it to enjoy the complete advantages of the class.

Think you may find that a second stand costs lots of money to a class that has lost membership and is lower on funds than in the past. Could we afford it, Swings ect! šŸ™