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Thanks Mike, I have tried lifting a little of it, It chips of in small chunks so I guess from your reply I can reasonably assume it is a resin.

So, you reckon I could just tidy it up a bit and use sikaflex to do so.

There is a section of keel band which remains on the hull which I cannot remove due to kn*****ed screws. If I drill them out, is it suitable to use the sikaflex to fill the holes ready for re-screwing with new screws?

Also, is sikaflex a product I can use to run over the length of this old stuff to be happy a good seal remains if I choose not to remove the resin like substance?

A really silly question maybe, are the screw holes in keel band of standard spacing given mine is an old W, so if I order a new band from the suppliers you suggest i won’t be worrying about that and chucking money out of the window??

Light permitting on return from work and various parents / teacher things this week I will post some images.

Thanks again and look forward to you reply