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Colin, with a bit of working in, the first coat of finish paint has filled the pinholes. These were not Gelcoat bubbles, I think I had rubbed away a bit too much gelcoat in my efforts to remove the old paint or where I had made a repair. I experienced something similar when I restored an Enterprise a few years ago, whose previous owner told me that he used to use a lamb’s wool bonnet on an electric drill to T-Cut the hull each year; in places that hull had no gelcoat left so a new paint skin was vital to protect the lay-up.

I have noticed an acetic acid smell when I removed the rudder pintles/gudgeons, I guess this is telling me that some osmotic action is taking place in the ply pads that are glassed in for fixing high load components. Suffice to say the boat is being kept dry, upside down and if I am in any doubt I will put a few “illegal” tungsten lamps under there to keep her warm while I finish the job. I will order some black Sikaflex 291 to bed everything in and to seal screws into the hull.

There is a bit of a pause at the moment while I recover from Badger Flu but I will upload photographs as the job progresses – I just hope I can get the deck finished before it gets too cold for the paint to cure properly.

Oh and my tow-car just failed it’s MOT.