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Dave Barker

I had a similar problem on a previous boat (not a Wayfarer), and was advised to have a professional repair made. Nigel Potter at Paintcraft did the work and described the preparation as using sandpaper fixed to a stick. A long and tedious process I’m sure, but having got back to bare ply (and dried it thoroughly – you only get one chance to get it right) the first thing to go on must be a runny application of epoxy. This will soak in to the timber before setting. Then more sanding (on a stick) and more epoxy, repeating until no more soaks in and all nibs are removed, leaving a perfectly smooth finish covering the ply in all areas.

Epoxy usually requires a UV protection coat – varnish or paint – but inside the c/b case that may not be necessary, however anti-fouling may be needed if the boat is kept on a mooring. Given the work involved you may feel it is easier to take the case apart!