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Hi Phil,
See Colin’s reply regarding the use of coins. The use he describes is to ensure that the pin is not pinched fore and aft and the rear of the mast foot is firmly against the mast step bolt. There are only so many holes this bolt can be placed in so coins would provide intermediate positions.

If your mast scrapes a little as it comes to vertical (like mine) I would suggest that this is taking the vertical load off the pin and the weight of the mast is on the mast step, not the pin, which is the desired condition.

I think chocking is primarily a tuning, not a safety issue. The rig tension (or lack of it) could be causing the mast wobble. If the rear of the mast is not hard up against the bolt/coin, that wouldn’t help either. Nor would the lack of mast pin O rings, which should be a snug fit.

The mast is intended to bend and there are racing adjustment that can make use of, or limit, both fore/aft and lateral bend, the more sophisticated of which are beyond me I’m afraid.

Would an experience racer/tuner care to comment, I’ve peaked on this one!