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Check this out – I’ve not tried it but I was thinking about giving this a go…

BTW – I seem to have done a fair amount of reefing this year – is it me of has it been a windier than usual year.

I found that if we heave to and get the boat stopped and lift the center board, then we can pretty much let go the tiller and work at the mast. With the centre board up if a gust comes the boat only heels a little and it’s all fairy tame and under control. There’s a fair bit of sideways drift.

The biggest problem I’ve had in the Solent is that there are so many bloomin boats and some of them don’t seem to understand that when you are heaved too that you are not under way and that you can’t easily get out of their way. Fair enough if it’s a ferry but not if the plonker bearing down on you is in a yacht or a dinghy.

I bet now someone will point out that there is some clause in the col regs that says it’s all my fault 🙂