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Dave Bevan

I replaced the split-pin with an R-clip on our MKII, with a short lanyard to ensure it didn’t get lost.

Because it’s still in tension, the R clip sits flush with the tabernacle, and is less likely to snag than a ‘keyring’ type clip. I always worried that the lanyard might actually pull the R-clip out if it accidentally got caught, but this has never happenned.

Stainless ones are available but I didn’t bother – I had some already so just used one of those, and when I sold the boat 10yrs later, it still had the same clip!

Might try R clips on the shroud links too, because they’re easier to fix to the boat, and equally ‘expendible’ when you drop them. Drop-nose or fast pins look like a good solution, but they’re relatively expensive compared to a clevis pin and ring/r-clip.