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gvj wrote:
But what would it take to get all thoes boats to other open meetings ?

I could write reams on why I think it’s extremely unlikely that any AYC boats will be travelling to other open meetings in the near future. But there is new blood coming into the class and interest in racing does seem to be growing again, so I’m hopeful for the future.

Please write reams as the best hope the class has is if someone offers reasons why not to travel and others can respond to negate those reasons.

As one who has not competed for years this year we started again and enjoyed Falmouth/Nationals week and also Poole week. We knew some of the people but the strangers seemed as nice as we always remembered Wayfarer sailers to be and we look forward to travelling more in 2010.

If I can get the seals on my drysuit replaced we may even do Bough Beech in November.