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Dave Barker

Hi Swiebertje,

I should have clarified that I don’t have (or intend to use) a separate topping lift – just the main halyard re-assigned to the end of the boom at night.

The Mk2 hooped tent currently offered by Rob Wagstaffe requires the weight of the tent and boom to be taken by such a topping lift. The stern hoop isn’t strong enough to bear any significant weight. I have spent a number of weeks sleeping in such a tent and although I can’t deny having any sleepless nights, none of them (yet) have been for fear of bending the mast. Perhaps I will now begin to worry about that…

Personally I doubt whether I would sleep soundly at anchor in a gale and 2 foot waves, but if tired I might do.

Thinking aloud, I ought to make myself a decent boom crutch – I have a rough and ready one for bridges, but it’s poorly designed and the wrong height for the tent. I suspect the mast is plenty strong enough, but there is no need to take the risk, certainly when using the new (Mk 1) tent. The Mk 2 may be a different matter – I’m not sure until I’m back with the boat tomorrow.

I appreciate your feeedback.