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Michael McKechnie is on the case and writing a full report.

We had a good week, the numbers were disappointing but the quality of the competition very high, with Mike McNamara and the current world champion Peter Siggety-Boje turning up. The real surprise, however, was Rob Lyne who turned up in a very pretty aquamarine Hartley 10468, straight from the factory. He works for Allen fittings and they have done a deal with the Hartleys to fit out their boats. The most interesting fitting on his boat was double fly-away spinnaker poles which worked very efficiently according to Mark McKechnie who was crewing for him.

Rob won the first race on Wednesday by a country mile, but was OCS and that was the turning point in the week.

We had reasonable winds all week – no postponements or cancellations. The only disappointment was the length of the races, the race officer was determined to finish the first boat after 45 minutes, which meant that if you had a bad beat, there was no time to get your places back. I don’t know why he was so fixed on short races, but that’s the way they seem to run Falmouth Week these days. The old hands in the fleet regretted the passing of the harbour courses and going to a different clubs for tea after each race, The Keel boats still have this format.

I think that the majority of the silver and bronze sailors though that the harbour race on Thursday was the best race of the week. The gold, silver, bronze format seemed to be well received and we will keep this for the Worlds in 2010.

Two other highlights of the week. The Red Arrows display on Wednesday – the Vice Commodore of RSC kindly agreed to let six of us (including three cruising Wayfarers) tie up alongside his yacht moored opposite the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. An a seal that turned up in the middle of the fleet and took a close interest in the racing.

We had some nice, companiable evening meals at the Norway Inn and Castaways (fish restaurant in Mylor Harbour).