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Hi – you really need the cleats or your crew will let it slack especially when beating and they are moving around the boat (or getting bored or want a sandwich!) – but you can cleat jib as its not too powerful if it gets caught aback. If you lead the end sheet to the weather side you can flick it out pretty quickly. Do try it and deliberately back it to see the effect. I would recommend a decent slab reefing arrangement with topping lift. The topping lift also makes life much easier when raising or lowering sail. A reefing arrangement isnt expensive and with minimal practice gives you so much more flexibility in sail area. To heave to when reefing, tack and leave the jib to go aback. Have it in tight and cleated. Go round and let the main right out so you are on a reach with the jib tight aback. Keep the tiller on the same side as the boom and all is serene and quiet and you can reef, eat lunch or or whatever. Full main+jib, one reef+jib, two
reefs no jib. Good luck and enjoy yourself.