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I have sailed with children, wives and single handed. You may think me a Woos but I nearly always use a jib. Its so much easier to pull in than a genoa. Its nearly always the genoa that causes a capsize. The boat still sails really well as you’ve still got the “slot” effect and the speed isn’t dramatically reduced. The genoa is very heavy to pull in and cleat for weaker bretheren but the jib is easy. If it gets caught aback it is unlikely to capsize you and increases the crews confidence a lot. I even use it with an experienced crew and only use the genoa downwind on a long cruising leg when I’ve time to set it. I read somewhere that it is nearly always the genoa that causes capsizes and I think thats right as I’ve been in all sorts of messes in all sorts of winds and have never capsized BluTak. I have a furler on it and its dead easy to furl when reefed (two reefs it can stay up for one reef) or coming ashore. If you have a decent slab reefing arrangement you can heave to very safely with the jib (the genoa is not so easy) and it only takes a couple of minutes to reef. I can do it on my own with absolutly no drama!
Hope this helps – Robert