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Dave Bevan

Hi Rob,
This is a bit crude, but hopefully this will help to give you the overall idea in conjunction with Bob’s article.

The red line is fixed to an eye on the boom just aft of the black band. It goes up through the aft reefing cringle on the sail, then back down to a turning block to route it to a sheeve on the aft end of the boom, where it goes inside the boom towards the gooseneck and exits near the front through a clamcleat + turning block where the crew can pull it down.

The green line is fixed on the LH side of the mast just below the gooseneck, and goes up through the front reefing cringle, and back down to a clamcleat on the RH side of the mast, again just below the gooseneck, so that it pulls down and foreward. This is less ideal than the hooks described in Bob’s article.

The blue line is bungee-cord looped through each of the reefing eyes, with a plastic hook in the middle of each loop. I recommend a contrasting colour for the bungee so you can find it against the white sail, and although you can get away with hooks on one side, they’re easier to find in a hurry if you fit them on both sides of the sail.

When not in use, I have a loop of bungee around the boom and the mast to hold the red and green lines out of the way for racing etc.

If you send me a PM, I can send the original-sized image which is a bit clearer.