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Johnathan – I haven’t had your luck but I tow full of cruising gear which raises the weight quite a lot. I did pump my 8″ tyres to 90 psi (in error – don’t embarrass me and ask why!!) and one of them blew with a ginormous bang after 100 miles.
I guess its down to weight as the previous owner of mine managed with the 8″ tyres but he always towed an empty boat and never very far. My previous boat was a clinker built Yachting World Dayboat and that was ok on 8″ tyres
To be safe I’d investigate 10″ wheels and indispension units (ebay?) or get hold of the technical dept of the tyre company. Mini wheels are ideal as they keep the boat quite low but I know they are becoming difficult to find.
As a point of reference I seem to remember weighing my boat and trailer full of gear on holiday and it came to around 300Kg
I hope this helps – its a shame that a decent trailer can cost almost as much as the boat but the peace of mind is worth it