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Having replaced one bailer and tried the landlubber method of testing for leaks (fill the boat with water and see what leaks out) I suspect the weep from the internals of the bailers will mean a wet night whatever (although it is certainly better than it was) especially if it rains and the water comes in the spinnaker chute……

I tried Bob’s idea of a traditional hammock but it was not very successful! I thought about putting a camp cot inside to keep above the water but did not have one that would fit; then I thought about suspending a stretcher between thwart and transom but this seemed complex. My final thought was what about creating a canvas ‘hammock’ that is on taut web straps that run from gunwhale to gunwhale and sleeping on that.

With a World I believe you could suspend such a hammock using the turned over gunwhale edge and some hooks with the web running across the top of the sides. If the tension could be kept this does mean sleeping above seat level (indeed at gunwhale level) which may be a touch draughty, depending on the quality of the boat tent and its fixings, but this seems better than swimming to me. I do not believe that the weight so high up would be an issue for stability when not sailing and it would leave space underneath for kit. My thought was that the hammock would go between thwart and transom leaving the front for admin.

If it worked it is less large planks to stow but does any one have any thoughts or comments?