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Dear All

I have received a few enquiries about how to enter the Nationals at Falmouth.

The advice I am giving is to use the Port of Falmouth Sailing Association Website (PoFSA)and enter on line.

The link is:

I was not successful with paying on line but the entry was successful. Cheque following by snail mail for £79 which is the basic cost of entry. If the Association intend to add a levy, this will have to be done retrospectively because there is no facility for this using the web based system which is generic for all classes entering Falmouth Week Regatta.

I remind you that Dinghy/vehicle parking is with Windsport and the link is :

I have arranged that we will have our own Association Prize Giving at Restronguet Sailing Club after all races are concluded. There is then a corporate Prize giving/tea/drinks/evening meal at the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club which is very nice if a bit ‘yotty’ and has very deep carpets! Sponsors prizes for the first few lucky ones in the fleet will be given out….usually include vouchers worth up to £200. A grand Fireworks display then follows which is well worth watching.

There is camping available at Windsports overlooking the Estuary and right behind the Dinghy park, at £25 per night (the view is second to none!). If you want that, book now, pitches are in limited supply. Most Wayfarers seem to be booking at Cosawes, the traditional Wayfarer get together for which a good link is:

Numbers of entrants is increasing, looking good for real Wayfarer event and proper cornish holiday! The programme for the week is hectic and will keep everyone, competitors and families busy.