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Dave Bevan

We have a Silva 73, which was fitted onto the centreboard case on our MKII, and now on our MKIV. Ours is the racing version, with the tactical scale around the card.

No need to drill holes; fix the bracket to a small piece of ply, which can be attached with self-adhesive Velcro, or similar (I use 3M dual-lock, which is velcro on steroids!). On the MKIV, we had to raise the compass up to clear the spinnaker halyard – I used a piece of square rain-water pipe, and the halyard runs through the pipe. I’ve mounted it slightly to the right, and it just clears the centerboard.

The Ritchie Tactical compass also looked a good option, and could probably be fixed without drilling the boat, but is a bit smaller and might be more diffiicult to read.