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Colin Parkstone

Welcome Blue Moon,

Well your looking for Hens Teeth then,you and many others!!

Second hand combi trailers are hard to find but maybe try Ebay or Apolloduck the boat mart site.

The old Rapide Super C combi has been a mainstay of this class a long time but the new one from Rapide to me is not so good.
You will not be worried by that as its £800.00 ????

Some have gone the part built route but do hold in mind the Wayfarer is a big heavy boat and as such needs a good trailer.

If your not going to trail far,maybe do what some at my club do and buy a good trolly with a jockey wheel and then share a base with someone at the end of the year.
I have been towing a freind to and from his club for 30yrs, which is quite good as I am only 40yrs old?????

Good Luck,

C P 😉