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Anyone know how the lark class does it ?
Think they have been doing it for some time so could have it off pat !!!
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I asked the questioned of our Lark Fleet (thone of the best in the country) and these are the guidelines they use. – Ther are always a few people who fall outside of the rankings and thee are allocated manually normally by a team of 3 people who also talk to the person involved and others that may be affected. – the Belle Isle Travellers trophy is a circuit trophy but the rankings show up on all the open results and so each Open automatically shows your position in each fleet
“All Belle Isle Travellers competitors should be aware that the intention of the Gold, Silver and Bronze fleets is to promote quality racing at all levels and spread recognition down the fleet. It should be noted that a Silver or Bronze fleet sailor is eligible for all main prizes at all events. The overall prize giving for all three fleets will be held at the annual Laying Up Supper.

There are no set criteria for who is in the Gold, Silver or Bronze fleets. However, we are working to the following guidelines.

At the end of each season the results of every competitor are calculated as a percentage of the number of entries for each individual open meeting. We then take an average percentage of each competitor’s best three events.

Using this “best three” average we then divide the fleets as follows:

0% to 33.999% – Gold Fleet
34% to 66.999% – Silver Fleet
67% to 100% – Bronze Fleet

A degree of discretion is also required to ensure that there are no run-away winners in either the Silver or Bronze fleets. The Lark Class Committee will attempt to ensure all new competitors are allocated to the correct fleet based on there known sailing history.

For example, should a National Champion or hot-shot from another class start sailing a Lark we would expect them to enter the Gold fleet. Should a sailor currently in the Bronze fleet regularly score results in the top third of the fleet we may respectfully ask them be promoted to the Silver or Gold fleets.

In simple terms, to be in the Gold fleet aim to be in the top 33% at each open meeting you attend, for the Silver fleet you will need to be in the top 66%. Each fleet will be published before the start of each new sailing season (generally the Lark Winter Championships).”
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