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Just back from a fantastic two day cruise to Newtown and the christening of my polytarp tent (sorry – credit crunch cabin). Came flying back today mostly on the plane even with a reef in! fairly strong winds (gusts up to 30kts today apparantly) – the gps was saying 8kts over the ground at one point.

I took a top tip from Bob and took out the rear benches when we were sleeping and used then as a shelf between the front benches for putting all the other kit on. This made a vast difference – sleeping with the rear benches in place was a very uncomfortable. Newtown was so quiet mid-week and we were tucked away in a corner so it was a very good night – I’ve had much worse on some campsites!

We very nearly got neaped – I will be more carefull next time.

PS – the pub at Shalfleet serves some excellent Isle Of Wight beer (fuggle de dee or something like that) and the food was ok too.

PPS – There are glow worms in the river bank there – we saw them last night – amazing. I’ve never seen them before.