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Like Bob, I primarily use Imray C series for sailing; they take good helpings of mud and water and remain useable.

I also have copies of the Admiralty CD for my area (Bristol Channel., Wales etc) and the Imray CD that covers the same area. With both you get what is on the paper chart. Taking a small area that I know, the Admiralty chart is slightly more detailed, but not enough to matter in a Wayfarer; the Imray chart is easier to use and has free updates for a year. Neither hide the fact that they are digitised charts, but the Imray interface is smoother. For those that have done any training, the Admiralty interface is the same as the RYA training plotter in raster. Both are good value for armchair planning, I mostly use Imray.

So to the original question. Both Admiralty and Imray provide the option to print the screen as viewed, and I think Imray also allows you to print the chart. Both come with disclaimers about the use of such prints for navigation, and I believe that the use of charts printed in this way is also in violation of copyright. Of course, I would never violate anyone’s copyright, but if I were to do so, it would be to print critical small sections that supplement my C series.