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Very interested in your purchases (Jon) and googled map warehouse, it came up as Maps warehouse, is that who you used? Also looked up the price of Toughprint paper and in one place it came up as £15 for 25 sheets. I have no justifiable need at present for what you use but it does sound a very good system.
I’ve got Imray charts of the Solent and the people on my Day Skipper course (on a yacht) preferred them over the Tough Charts as the detail was demonstrably better. However in a Wayfarer the Tough charts durability and size would be an asset. I have bought an Ortlieb waterproof mapcase to protect the Charts for just over £20 so infact the Tough Charts would have been a cheaper option.
Thanks to Dave’s help here I am using my GPS with the PC and its brilliant fun……

PS The image shows our track to East Head from Itchenor (Chichester Harbour) in a north-easterly. On Google Earth itself getting a closer image is even better….obviously this is not navigating though…..