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Colin Parkstone

I can only say that personally this year I see that the Open calender has more in it than last and I am sorry to say I just cannot afford it.

In the past I have enjoyed many opens and have raced in many different places with great people and i miss doing that again this year!

We have a great championship coming up in Falmouth and I am looking forward to that immensely.

I thank the orgarnisers of the opens for all the work they do for us but the list is just to long, six opens is to many for me to finance and a championship us well.

So when something has to give,it will be the places I have recently been to before,even if they were great fun the last time,just makes sense!

The average age of a wayfarer owner is on the older side at the moment and lots of thoes people have done many things with the class over the years.
My hope is that the new boat will bring to the class a younger age group who will continue the ways of the class and take it forward past my time in the class and get from the boat as much as we have!!

C P 🙂

ps, just a point,if you look at the number of viewings of this thread you will see about 455 listed. Now that showes to me a big interest in the opens but is it from people who miss going or is there anyway they could be encouraged to go? If Not, How?