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Dave Bevan

Congratulations to Mike & his crew, and the runners-up.

Despite not being competitive and suffering a series of spinnaker-related problems, Nic and I thoroughly enjoyed the Inlands. If nothing else, the experience/practice should help our club racing, and I’m looking forward to another open when childcare and diary allow!

We were disappointed but not completely suprised to be the only Grafham boat, although we did expect there would be other ‘first-timers’ like us to offer a bit of action at the back (or was there, and we’ve got even more to learn than we thought :cry:).

My only observations would be that the Inlands co-incided with the end of half-term shool holidays, and the inlands, westerns and southerns are all compressed into a five week period, followed by a 6 week gap until the nationals! We were lucky that we could get grandparents to look after our children for the weekend – that wouldn’t have been quite so easy for us for an away-race.