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@Colin Parkstone wrote:

Ok SWD,point made but you still had to sort it yourself,Shame!!
C P 🙁

And I note that it took Steve a lot of time and effort to do it. Other members will not have time to do this in time for the Inland Nationals the weekend after next. So I stand by my comment that it would be very unsporting to protest someone for not having numbers on their spinnakers there.

My point about Excomm is, let’s give the committee a chance to talk about it, and then Mike and I will feedback on this forum. Quentin is on the case and talking about whether numbers should be stiched on or stencilled on.

I am minded to put forward a suggestion for a rule change on this topic at the 2010 AGM. It seems to me to be a simple, tidying up type of rule change. And we might even have scrutineering and a measurer at the 2010 worlds. Remember no one wanted to pay for this at Falmouth (sorry).