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Colin Parkstone

The Merlin,being a development class with open rules has over the years found a way to not bring back the tack more than about 8in or so and has flared its bows to make the hole wider at the sheer. Its been alot easier for them to do it and yet they have only sold 3900 odd boats.
Lots of options do not always carry along a lot of people with it!!

The Wayfarer bar is in about 14in back and unlike other classes of boats with chutes was never made with the genoa tack away from the bow like the Javelin,FD,Fireball,Osprey and the 505. which found the fitting of the chute at the bow an easier option.
Why did Morrison not move it back when the new Mk4 was redesigned.

You say Al that you have trashed three spi’s,I would ask you why???
How many others have done the same and maybe others have found a differing way to use the chute.

I had hoped that the new Mk4 was to bring a more uniform boat to the class for it’s own future,we could not stay as we were with so many marks and types.
If people are already starting to want to change this boat before it’s even three years old we are just asking for trouble in my opinion.

C P 🙁