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Hi Peter and Jonathon
Just to elaboarate the point I was making is neither outboard I bought for the Wayfarer has a killcord option and I’m sure many in use don’t. I don’t fancy the blender either but nor have I ever felt in danger of the prop. I think the most important practical safety feature is to be able to put the motor in neutral and only have responsible operators using them (I would not fancy trying to knock an outboard out of gear from the water either).
PS Perhaps I should add that I have had issues with the kill button when I have not pushed it in long enough and the motor has fired up in forward gear when I was not prepared so a kill cord would be an improvement. However I also have used an outboard with a kill cord and nearly broken the rusty ring linking the kill cord, so putting the motor into neutral is good practice (as well as having a sound kill cord), and also allows you to restart the power easily if you need to, as opposed to refitting the kill cord “key”, which can be a fiddle.