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We had intended to go to West Oxford, but he prospect of cold nights in a tent combined with a brand-new boat joining a “Bash” put us off! Just as well, given that camping option was withdrawn at the last moment. Still not sure if I want to risk similar close encounters of the painful kind at Waldringfield … .
Alan – to prevent the spinnacker sheets from dropping under the boat, we fitted a “catcher” – aware of the danger of snagging and possibly ripping the sail, we used a Viagra-impregnated piece of bungee (rigid but not painful, as some might say) – trouble was, the spinnacker downhaul got caught under it. However, since shortening the halyard and remembering to keep the uphaul taut, plus asking the crew to wait before uncleating the guy from the spinnacker pole, it hasn’t happened. I find dropping the spinnacker a lot easier than on the Laser 2000, thanks to the nice wide hole in the foredeck. Next job is to find a system to keep the spinnacker out of the crew’s way when it’s dropped.
It would be interesting to see a set of results for the first Wayfarer event of the season. Any reason why neither the Wayfarer nor host club website has one listed?

W10614 – Still Gamboling (naff but not controversial or of questionable taste, as many of your suggestions were, and so Bobbie abd I are still talking!).