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Thanks Liam .

I had already got round to shortening the spi halyard but then consulted Ian Porter .

His advice was ;

1. Uncleat the spi halyard and concentrate on pulling the spi in – one should have it in before it can go under the bow !!!

2. Make sure the crew keeps some tension on the sheet at the same time as he/she disconnects the pole – this worked well until there was some stress (aka panic ) at the last mark . As a result I have now marked the sheet at the point that ,when taut , it won’t quite reach the bow when cleated at this point and we will retrieve the rest of the spi as we sail the beat !!

3. We have also rigged the downhaul on the inside of the spi – when we had it on outside it would gather too much of the foot of the spi to inhibit a quick recovery .

4. Decided to do away with the down-haul in very light conditions .

How was W Oxford apart from the camping – can’t find any results .

Will you be staying in Worthing for the Shoreham meeting or do we need to cater for your camper ?