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Having wasted some two hours of our time and 100 miles of fruitless towing to Taunton and home again on Friday, feeling a little cross that on re-reading the posted advert for the West Oxford Open Meeting….it very clearly states that camping on site is available for the Friday and Saturday nights.

To be told the Commodore specifically prohibits this whilst we were en route was a real put off. It is not the quality of sailing water we went there for last year, or intended this year, it is hardly a choice venue for that. It was to catch up with Wayfarer friends, have a fun race and a couple of very social evenings alongside the lake.

I hope those who did go, enjoyed themselves before being ushered off the lake before 1230hrs on Sunday to make way for the club races. I don’t think we will be making tracks in that direction again.

I have written to the Commodore with my thoughts.