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Bob and Tim,

My mast and I suspect Tim’s was definitely meant to have spreaders. It is very bending and judging by my alloy Firefly mast it is more bendy than an alloy Wayfarer mast. Although probably more resilient it certainly needs spreader help, if only to maintain lateral stiffness. Otherwise it takes on an s-bend profile.

The mast has the original brackets and spreaders, which are both on their way out. In order to replace them I need new brackets as well as spreaders. Whether they need to be fixed or not is another matter. Trident-uk kindly contacted Selden on my behalf and they have proposed the following, which I will probably purchase, although expensive.
if not the part numbers are


well done for getting it on the water, it’s a great feeling, I remember it well. My mast needed revarnishing after two years so it’s currently stripped for 4 more coats.

I’m interested in your jib halyard cascade system, do you have a picture? And what did you do at deck level and the step?