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Hi Margaret, I replaced my gaskets a few months ago.As I recall there should be three rubber gaskets in the box: two large ones of different thickness for sealing around the bailer to the boat, and one smaller thicker one which fits inside the bailer.

As BluTak says, you need to drill out the old copper rivets and replace the internal seal with the smaller thicker rubber – but take care which way that you put it in, if you look at the insde edges of the rubber, you’ll see that they are profiled – make a note of the profile of the old rubber when you take it out. A digital camera is a great help in these situations! You’ll need a “ball-pien” or “engineers” hammer to fit the new copper rivets, I got mine from B&Q, it has a round head on one end which you use to flatten the head of the rivets.

The other two gaskets provide a seal and get the right thickness so that the bailer fits flush with the hull, you might not need both.

I also used silcone (kitchen) sealant arond the seals both internal and external to ensure a good seal. This may be OTT and I’m sure that someone will now post to say that this will rot the rubber. However, it made me more confident about the seal. Also, Judging by how little water came into the boat on Sunday, it seems to work!

Good luck