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For starters, make photo’s of all the little evidences you found during Restoration. Then, assuming you are from the UK, get in touch with Sarah Burgess the class associations secretary, and see if she can dig up some information in her files. UKWA keeps a record of every boat measured. Since every wooden boat measured has its sail number carved in to the inside of the transom (in inch high figures) and your boat has not, it is posible your boat has never been measured. In that case you need to get in touch with one of the class measurers and make an appointment for measuring your boat.

If it turns out that a license fee has been payed but the boat was never measured, you may need to get in touch with Keith Proctor (the son of) who also has a record of every boat that has ever been build under license. If it turns out that a license fee has been payed you only need to pay for a new license plate (a few quid). If a license fee has not been payed, it may be time to make a peace offer with the license holder. He seems to favor a certain brand of single malt whiskey I was led to believe……

Before you make an appointment with a class measurer, measure some key dimensions yourself. That avoids the measurer from having to come back a second (or a third) time. (You have to pay for his travels and hours spent each time). Most measurements are easy to do yourself using the measurement form available on the UKWA web site. An experienced measurer can measure your boat in four to five hours if he has some assistance. (The boat needs to be turned over in the process).