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The Class Association cannot stay out of the equation. If they do nothing then advertising is not allowed, and event organisers cannot oblige a competitor to display advertising unless they have gone through the corrrect administrative procedures (obligation more honoured in the breach than in the observance, I suspect). I would suggest that a policy of burying our collective head in the sand is merely storing up trouble for the future (for an example of this please reflect on the history of copyright/measurement issues in the class).

If the Wayfarer is a National Class in the Netherlands then the question of advertising should be dealt with by an agreement with the National Authority. You seem to have that in place as of 1st Jan.

I would suggest that the way forward is to restructure the class rules to follow the ISAF template then apply for ISAF class status. In this way adverising becomes permitted for all Wayfarers. My worry is that boats may arrive at the Worlds next year and be required to do an emergency repaint if the Jury’s reading of the situation is that adverising is not permitted. The class has already been there…

As you so rightly point out there are issues relating to income – for National Authorities and ISAF