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Apparently you have given the matter more of your time then I did. But through your explanation I still reach the same conclusion and that is not to complicate matters through our class rules (though we are allowed to). I know of at least one event we are trying to get in to over here, where we would have to carry a temporary sticker near the bow from the event sponsor. This event is legal by both ISAF and Dutch sailing association rules. If we don’t want such a sticker on our hull we don’t participate, it is that simple. I believe this should be a choice for each individual skipper, the class association should stay out of the equation.

Since January 1st 2009 our situation has become slightly different, we are now, like the Danes, a national recognized class, but I don’t think that changes much with regard to advertising but it does give us access to the good racing clubs and events. It took us six years to get this far and we don’t want to aggravate the relationship with our NSA. We are having troubles enough with the class rules. (They do not follow the ISAF prescriptions, but that problem is already being worked on by UKWA as well as the other NCA’s, see also other postings on this forum).

For private advertising at the official cat. C events, the tariff over here for boats like the Wayfarer is in the neighborhood of 30 E for a single event or around 60 E for a whole year. Now, suppose we would try to grab some from this loot through a class rule change, what would be left over after the ISAF and the NSA took their share? Perhaps a few penny’s? So why bother?
Obviously at informal events we don’t care. In any case lets leave it to the clubs and national sailing authorities and let’s not involve ourselves in the spiders web called “advertising”.

For clarity: This is my private opinion, NEDWA has no official views yet on the matter.