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That is not a matter for UKWA nor WIC to decide. Events are organized by a hosting club, it is they who decide what category an event is. We are just guests of those clubs. If we were to limit ourselves to cat. A only, it may severely limit our choice of clubs or events. I am sure you are aware that there aren’t that many clubs around with a really good committee? Adding a category limit to our class rules would be a bad idea, in my humble opinion. It is far better to negotiate this on a per event basis.

Obviously there is nothing wrong having a preference for cat. A events and negotiating such with the clubs we are dealing with. But let’s not carve it in stone!

By the way, cat A is the limited category that allows not much more then small sail maker’s and boat builder’s markings. Cat C is the “unlimited class”. Over here the really nice events sometimes force us to apply a (temporary) sticker of the event sponsor. Also private sponsors markings are possible (see RRS: Appendices Section II – Regulation 20).