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Thanks for the interesting replies – yes the stock is a wooden one.

I primarily want to hold the blade horizontally for moving the boat around on the trolley – as has been mentioned – but also for steering when using the outboard. On my previous boat (mk11) I found I could hang the motor on the transom and then steer with the rudder held in the up position without risk of it being fouled by the prop. I would like to replicate this on my new boat (mk1).

Colin – you mention downhauls, my mk1 has a rope downhaul attached to a length of reasonably heavy duty bungee which hooks onto the side of the tiller. It looks like it should allow the rudder to kick up if it hits something – we’ll see how we get on with it or maybe change it for one of those auto release cleats.

Swiebertje – I actually had a pin through the stock and blade on my mk11 (the holes were already there in the stock and I just drilled through the blade and then used a simple pin on the end of short line) which worked quite well other than having to lean over the transom in order to engage / disengage the pin. That is an option for the new boat but something that can be done from the cockpit would be preferable.