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Colin Parkstone


I think what i worry about is your nice wooden mast and all the work you have done to it, Why??

The spreader bracket does not rap round the back of the mast which would resist the push the spreaders will give the mast for prebend.

They are fixed to the side and front and will have a pulling action on the screws/fixings and as its just wood I think will pull out and rip the masts wooden walls.

Also have a good look at the jib sheave in the mast and make sure it is made to take wire as the old ones I have seen would not.

Maybe use modern low stretch rope, it would go over he sheave better and not stretch so mush as the old stuff.

As for all the chat about forces, I find the local ones want to drag me in all directions already,so I will keep my head down!!!!!

C P 😉