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Colin Parkstone

Tim and Peter
I am not so sure about fixed spreaders on a wooden mast myself but anyone tell me otherwise?

How i see a wood mast is, being a long single piece of wood and it being held up with a single point support,ie shrouds.

The mast then bends and moves about that point with its own built in flexibility.

If you put a fixed point in that mast like fixed spreaders,will that not put in a second point that may then become a fulcrum and put strain on the mast that up to that point has had the flexiblity to move ???

I have thought but cannot remember any other class that uses a wooden mast with fixed spreaders, well a dinghy anyway.

Bigger boat mast often have diamond spreaders !!

Also the mast is hollow,will the screws hold in the mast when the tension is put on and is a wooden mast made for it ??

Any engineers out there who no the answer??

C P 🙁